Being an
attorney is...

Can being an attorney be more than doing business?
We say - it most certainly can.


And yet,
being an attorney
also means
doing business.

Indeed, being an attorney also means doing business.


Practicing law as an attorney
requires first and foremost... TRUST.

Can Law be practiced without trust?
Law cannot be practiced without trust. It is as simple as that.


To us, being
an attorney
also means

Law as a profession is a passion that motivates us
to take on new challenges every day...

In its essence, practicing law by being an attorney truly addresses
the fundamental human need to give advice and offer help.

About us

We approach our work professionally, conscientiously and responsibly. Our first and foremost wish is to continue to build a law firm founded on dedication and trust, whose stability is founded on personal and direct relationship to our clients. Just as between friends and families, and in any business arrangements, trust is at the foundation of any relationship.

That is why we love what we do – thats why we are attorneys.

Our team

Ećimović & Kaleb Law Firm is a stable and well set up organization that employs seven lawyers and one economist – an agile, compact and well-balanced team ready for even the biggest challenges. Their establishment is solid at present, and the vision of future growth is crystal clear. ”We want to keep the status of a boutique law firm and continue growing up to a maximum of ten attorneys.”
“We cannot choose which way the wind will blow, but as with our calling, we are the ones holding the helm and setting the course.”


We want to continue building the law rm that dedicates itself to each of our clients properly, and where all our clients know exactly who will rise up for their particular case at any given moment and who ‘has their back’.
Only in this way can we keep and continue to deepen our direct relationship with the clients, that is so important to us, as well as our prompt, high-quality personalized services that we intend to develop even further.”


Counselling and representation of various entities, banks, leasing companies, financial institutions, funds, and other companies; in particular counselling related to business compliance with the current regulations, including anti- corruption policy.

Litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution & bankruptcy proceedings

Representation in proceedings before courts and administrative bodies, litigation, enforcement proceedings, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy planning, liquidation proceedings, including collection of claims related to highly complex cases, as well as managing and representation within tens of thousands of retail cases.


Drafting contracts for various companies related to their business and long-term relationships with suppliers, buyers and third parties.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Consulting and representation of companies in company mergers and acquisitions.

Public procurement

Support to companies in public procurement procedures.


Counselling and representation of companies in proceedings before the tax administration.

Employment and benefits

Drafting all types of contracts and general legal acts, labour law documentation and labour relationships, with special emphasis on the detailed regulation of competences, responsibilities and duties, participation in and carrying out procedures in identifying mobbing.


Founding companies and regulating relationships between company shareholders, drafting and modifying statutory company statutes for the purpose of adaptation to the specific wishes and interests of company shareholders.


Leading negotiations between a wide range of project stakeholders, such as private investors, financial institutions and public law figures, legal support from green field to full functionality and completion phase of the project, counselling, representation and composition of all types of acts in relation to investments.

Real estate

Real estate legal matters, procedures concerning real estate, property rights, leases, pledges.


Numerous clients, comprised of various private individuals and business entities, recognize the value of our HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL APPROACH AND PERSONALIZED RELATIONSHIP, among them:

banks, leasing companies, factoring companies, companies specializing in the debt collection, trade sector companies, companies from the construction sector and real estate development projects, IT companies – software development and licensing, intellectual property, tourism – charter and nautical tourism, companies specializing in nancial consulting and auditing and many others.

Thanks to our tailored business philosophy, most of our clients stay with us for the long haul.


Sky Office, Roberta F. Mihanovića 9, Zagreb, Croatia / T +385 1 5535 030 | F +385 1 5535 031